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Apr 13, 2014  Patrick Tam

Hello everyone,

It's a bummer we did so poorly at SVR, good thing we're already going to Championships!
In case you didn't hear, we had serious wiring problems at SVR. While transporting the robot, wires came loose so we lost power to several key pieces of electronics equipment. Our radio lost power during 3 matches, leaving us dead in the water. Additionally, several motor wires came loose throughout the event. 
We rewired the entire robot after qualification matches on Saturday, so we shouldn't have any problems at Championships (hopefully). All wires are now crimped with a working crimper (our connections came loose because our crimper was improperly adjusted) and connections are soldered. They shouldn't come loose again.
We as a team failed to wire the robot properly, and paid dearly for it. Most importantly, we learned that every wire must be made and maintained properly.
We will have a meeting on Wednesday, April 9th, 2014, from 5pm to 9pm.
We'll be packing up tools and supplies for Championships, and boxing up the robot. 

Apr 7, 2014  Patrick Tam