[Robotics Meeting] Wednesday 4/2 3:30pm - 9:00pm PLEASE READ

Hello Everyone,

We need people to go to Laurel on Friday morning for Outreach. Nobody has signed up so far, and none of the pit crew can go (cuz we're at SVR). We've gone there for many years, and they expect us to be there. We only need 2-3 people.. Please contact me by Tuesday if you can go.
There's been some confusion about when we're having meetings lately. All meetings are posted on the Team766 website and Google Calendar. 
This meeting will consist mostly of packing and cleaning. We'll be packing up for SVR, and some people will drive down at 6:30 to drop everything off at SJSU. The rest will stay to clean up and organize the closet.
BTW we got a used laser cutter for free! It needs a new laser tube, but soon we'll be able to laser stuff. 
Sorry for my unresponsiveness to emails as of late. Life just gets in the way.

Mar 30, 2014
Patrick Tam