[Robotics Meeting] SUNDAY 3/23 10am-5pm

Hello Everyone,

YAY! We won Davis! That's awesome.
Anyways, we'll be having a robotics meeting on SUNDAY March 23, 2014, from 10am to 5pm
I'm sure you guys are wondering "why are we having a robotics meeting on Sunday?!?". Well, the Senior Fashion Show is on Saturday, so a bunch of Seniors can't show up.
Mostly, we'll be fixing up the practice robot we tore apart at Davis, but we also need to do all this stuff on this list that Kelly made.
1. New Pit Cart - (Wesley)
  • smaller cart that fits in tall crate
  • stands that hold up robot (like a car lift)

2. Pit Organization- (?)

  • PVC banner holder
  • organize tool boxes (we got new ones because we're not taking the big giant tool chest to SVR/ Champs, shipping the whole thing would cost a fortune...)
  • make "pit passes" (only a limited amount of people allowed into the pit at one time)
  • look at getting new shelves (existing ones are broken)

3. Ball pickup arms - (Tommy?)

  • modify gripper piston mounts for larger air fittings
  • air tank holders on pistons
  • chain access holes
  • build up 2nd arm to duplicate the first arm

4. Scouting/Sales Presentation (Kaveh/Skyler/Ariel)

  • Formalize a scouting team for SVR and Championships
  • Locate or design a scouting sheet/excel spreadsheet for scouting data
  • Create “sales presentation” of the robot specifications and capabilities 
  • use video from practice at Nasa - 
  • load onto tablet to show videos to teams etc
  • also have 1 page paper handout for other teams

5. Bumpers (AnnMarie?)

  • look into building a single bumper with reversible colors -
  • allows for reinforced corners (like 2012 bumper)
  • reduces time between matches to switch bumpers, less space in crate to Championship

6. Assemble Practice bot

  • Probably the most important item on this list lol.

7. Change winch speed controllers to Jaguars (find mounting location for Jaguars)

add limit switches - 1 directly to jaguars, 1 to digital side car


Mar 21, 2014
Patrick Tam