[Robotics Meetings] Upcoming Meetings to prepare for Davis Regional

Hello Everyone, 

To prepare for the regional at Davis we'll have a couple of meetings in the next week to make final parts for the robot and pack for Davis.
Also, if you're going to Davis during Thursday or Friday you need to get a permission slip from Mr. DeCurtins and return it before Thursday of next week.
Friday .......... March 7 from 5pm - 9pm
Saturday ...... March 8 from 1pm - 5pm
Wednesday .. March 12 from  5pm - 9pm
On Saturday from 3pm - 5pm we'll be handing out T-Shirts and the contact cards. Please pick them up.
Also, if you're coming to Davis and want to attend the group dinner on Friday, please sign up here.
Since most work on the robot has been done, only people fabricating parts on the CNC/Mill will have work. Everybody else get's to help me clean the closet. Woo!

Mar 5, 2014
Patrick Tam