[Robotics Meeting Reminder] Wedsneday 1/29 5pm-9pm

Hello everyone,
Just a reminder, we have a build meeting on Wednesday, January 29, from 5pm-9pm.
After numerous prototypes, we've decided to mostly finalize the design of our robot around a drop down u shaped collector arm and catapult (Ryan and Kelly will continue to work on prototyping a hybrid of the linear punch and catapult designs). 
We've decided to go with the catapult because our efforts at miniaturizing the linear punch and kicker designs produced less than satisfactory results.
The next couple meetings will be devoted to CADding the robot and manufacturing parts for the final drivetrain.

Here's a video of a prototype catapult ball launcher design we've been working on.


The people who are signed up to supervise/feed the Wednesday meeting are..
WED 1/29/2014 5-7 Mostofi    
    Dinner Tam pork stew, rice, bread veggie stew
    7-9 Tam    

As usual, meetings will always be posted on the Google Calendar here.

Finally, I've set up a blog on the team website. For now, it just mirrors these emails, but I hope to get others to contribute to the website eventually.

Jan 26, 2014
Patrick Tam