• Name The Claw
  • Status Operational
  • Weight 120 lbs
  • Dimensions 
  • Frame 1" x 1" Welded aluminum box tubing
  • Drivetrain 4 CIM, 6" AndyMark Wheels x6, 2 speed
  • Language Labview


  • Sacramento Regional Champions with 1678, 1868
  • Silicon Valley Regional
  • Championships, Archimedes Division
  • CalGames 2011
Menlo Atherton Robotics FIRST FRC Team 766 2011 Robot Logo Motion Competition

 Robot Abilities

  • Elevator - 3 stage, able to reach all 3 heights for tube hanging. Driven by Fisher-Price motor in a DeWalt gearbox (non-backdriveable, holds elevator in place)
  • Claw - up and down motion powered by RS550 in non-backdriveable DeWalt gearbox, window motors control polycord rollers for tube deployment.
  • Minibot - ~1.5 second direct drive minibot. (Was not operational until Championships)

 Game Summary

For a more detailed explanation, see the Wikipedia article and the game animation.

Each two minute match (preceded by a 15 second autonomous period) was between two alliances of three robots each. The game pieces were 3 different types of tubes, red triangles, white circles, and blue squares, representing each piece of the FIRST logo. Each end of the field has a 3 x 6 set of pegs for holding tubes on. Points were awarded for hanging tubes in the shape of a FIRST logo on the pegs, with more points awarded the higher up the logo was made. During autonomous mode, yellow 'Ubertubes' could be put up (without human control to do so) which would double the value of tubes placed on that same peg during the match. In the last 15 seconds of the match, minibots could be deployed up one of 4 poles on the playing field, with each place in the race being awarded points, with 1st place receiving 40 points, 2nd with 30, and so on.

 Fun Facts/Stories

  • The robot's name comes from a design made out of red and yellow electrical tape done on the claw, which has since been turned into a hole to reduce weight on the claw, which proved somewhat unwieldy.
  • One of the team's pet tennis balls, Wilson, usually resides on top of the L-bracket used to hold the surgical tubing which provides stability for the claw. (where there is duct tape in the above picture) Otherwise, he can be found with his girlfriend, Penny.