• Name The Flying Squirrel
  • Status Disassembled
  • Weight 120 lbs
  • Dimensions 
  • Frame Welded aluminum box tubing
  • Drivetrain 2 CIM, 6" AndyMark standard wheels x4
  • Language LabView


  • Sacramento Regional
  • Silicon Valley Regional
  • Championships, Archimedes Division
  • CalGames 2009
Menlo Atherton Robotics FIRST FRC Team 766 2009 Robot Lunacy Competition

 Robot Abilities

  • Front roller-powered by 2 CIMs, tread on bottom and top rollers, which are connected by polycord.
  • Back roller-able to move back and forth to allow for fast deployment of game pieces, also polycord and tread at top/bottom

 Game Summary

For a more detailed explanation, see the Wikipedia article and the game animation.

Each two minute match was between two alliances of three robots each. The game field was unique in that the playing surface was a slippery 'Regolith' surface and the wheel types were strictly regulated. The game pieces, plastic framed, foam-covered 'moon rocks' were tossed into trailers attached to each robot. The normal pieces were worth 2 points. Empty cells could be thrown in, which weren't worth any more points on their own but allowed for 'super cells' to be deployed onto the game field which would be worth 15 points if scored.

 Fun Facts/Stories

The rubber chicken was added at Championships. It seemed to be a good luck charm, so it was kept on the robot.