• Name Dave
  • Status In Storage
  • Weight 120 lbs
  • Dimensions ? x ? x 4 ft
  • Frame Welded aluminum box tubing
  • Drivetrain 4 CIM, 6" AndyMark wheels x6
  • Language C


  • Sacramento Regional
  • Silicon Valley Regional Finalists, with 852 and 488
  • CalGames 2007
Menlo Atherton Robotics FIRST FRC Team 766 2007 Robot Rack 'n Roll Competition

 Robot Abilities

  • Arm-motor actuated arm to lift game pieces up.
  • Claw-pneumatically actuated to grip game pieces.
  • Wrist (at end of arm)-originally was powered but eventually fixed horizontally.
  • Tower was angled at beginning of match and passive mechanism locked it into place vertically at beginning of match, to be able to reach top level and fit the 4 foot height limit.
  • Pneumatics-off-robot compressor, tanks were filled before each match.

 Game Summary

For a more detailed explanation, see the Wikipedia article and the game animation.

Each two minute match was between two alliances of three robots each. The target was an 8 sided, 3-high 'spider' at the center of the field where pool tubes could be hung from. Points were awarded for hanging continuous straight lines of tubes around the 'spider,' doubling for each additional tube in line. (a line around the whole 'spider' was not worth infinite points) Near the end of the match black tubes known as 'spoilers' could be placed on a tube to invalidate them, and extra points were awarded for being raised on ramps deployed by alliance members.

 Fun Facts/Stories