• Name Zippy
  • Status Disassembled
  • Weight ???
  • Dimensions 28" x 38" x 60"
  • Frame Welded aluminum box tubing
  • Drivetrain 4 CIM, 6" AndyMark wheels x6
  • Language C


  • Sacramento Regional Champions with 245 and 1072
  • Silicon Valley Regional GM Industrial Design Award
  • Championships, Archimedes Division Champions with 245 and 217
  • Championships, Einstein Division
  • CalGames 2005
Menlo Atherton Robotics FIRST FRC Team 766 2005 Robot Triple Play Competition

 Robot Abilities

  • Arm-used to lift and place game pieces. At Sacramento Regional, driven by single motor, Silicon Valley Regional and onwards powered by 3 motors.
  • Wedge-30 degree wedge on rear of robot

 Game Summary

For a more detailed explanation, see the Wikipedia article and the game animation.

Each two minute match was between two alliances of three robots each. The game pieces, 30in sided tetrahedrons called 'tetras', were placed on larger tetrahedral targets, set up on the field in a 3x3 pattern. 3 points were awarded for being on top of a goal at the end of a match, 1 point for being under the top 'tetra,' and a row of three 'owned' larger towers resulted in 10 points. At the end of the game additional points were awarded for members of each alliance behind alliance lines at their end of the field.

 Fun Facts/Stories

  • The 30 degree wedge led to many opposing teams being knocked over, and in a few cases, knocking themselves over while the robot was still. In 2006, wedges were limited to 10 degrees, something the team likes to claim was our fault.
  • So far has been the most successful robot in the history of Team 766.