• Name Bobbit (the Robbit)
  • Status Exceeds Expectations
  • Weight 108 lbs
  • Dimensions 29.25 inch by 29 inch frame
  • Frame 2x1 aluminum box tubing
  • Drivetrain Slipdrive
  • Language Java



  • San Francisco Regional 
  • Silicon Valley Regional Quarterfinals with 971
  • ChezyChamps 2017 




 Robot Abilities

  • Drive
    • Slip drive for easy lateral movement and direction corrections
  • Gear Mechanism
    • Funnel for collecting gear from human player station
    • Pneumatic hinge to drop gear onto peg
  • Ball Mechanism
    • Tub to hold balls
    • Wheeled belt to push balls into low goal on boiler

 Game Summary

For a more detailed explanation, see the Wikipedia article and the game animation.

Robots engaged in an alliance vs. alliance competition to collect gears and fuel to ready their airship for liftoff. Robots work to deposit gears in order to get rotors spinning on their airship, taking an increasing number of gears to get each rotor spinning. Wiffle balls act as fuel for the airship, which are stored in hoppers on the edges of the field, which robots can release. Fuel is deposited in the boiler via the low goal or high goal. At the end of the match, robots can climb aboard their airship via rope. The alliance with the most points at the end of the match wins!


 Fun Facts/Stories