Today we have started to prototype arm designs. Ramsey, Griffin V., and Wes are working on what designs will take hold of the totes and recycling bins the best.


Sage, Ramsy, Griffen, Austin, and Tommy have been working on how long it would take for the robot to move around and pile up totes and recycling bins. We believe that we will only be able to carry 3 totes at a time right now. 


Sage, Alex, Jasper, Kile, Griffin K., and Ritwik are updating the blog and website. We are excited to soon be selling LED lightbulbs online! 


We're excited to design and build our robot and debut it to the world! Stay tuned for more updates! Meetings are Wednesday nights, Friday nights, Saturdays, and Sundays. We still have open slots for food and supervision. Sign ups at See you at Robotics!

-Sage Ugras


Jan 7, 2015  Brett Levenson

Today was the kickoff for the 2015 season.

Jan 3, 2015  Brett Levenson