Elections (List of Candidates)

Hello everyone,

And here are the candidates! Remember, the election is on Friday, May 16th, 2014, at 1:00 pm in C-2, Mr. DeCurtin's room. On that day you guys will be voting for 1 President and 2 Vice-Presidents. If for some reason you can not come and vote on Friday (Middle School people), just send your vote to me or Ryan via email.

Candidates for President:

  • Tommy Yu

Candidates for Vice-President: 

  • Thatcher Freeman
  • Ben Hickman
  • Sequoia Snow

Campaign Statements:

Thatcher Freeman

Next year, I will promote tool and software training, component quality, and robot flexibility. Solidworks and power tool training is essential towards member involvement and efficiently building high quality parts. We will host numerous meetings over the summer to hone those skills. Additionally, the flexibility of a robot, or how easily it can pick up and shoot balls or frisbees, is a huge factor in the team's success. Therefore, if I am voted vice president, I will push for universal training and involvement, and the creation and implementation of resilient designs with the highest possible quality.

Ben Hickman

Hello M-A Robotics, I am Ben Hickman; 

I am running for vice-president. This season many students have been uninvolved in the build season and jobless, one of the reasons for this is the small amount of mentors and seniors on the team this year who can teach inexperienced kids about robotics. Next year we will have fewer seniors meaning that we must compensate with more mentors who can teach the younger generation the ropes during the build season. As vice president my main goal would be fund raising, sponsorships, and getting mentors, all three of which go hand in hand.

Sequoia Snow 

Hello everyone,

I am hoping to become one of the vice presidents of robotics next year to help guide our team through the next season. I know that the past year many of you have had rather little to do, so I was hoping to involve everyone in the construction of our robot. I’d also like for team members to drive the past robots, if they want, so they can improve their skills for competitions as well as encourage any projects members of the team might like to work on. I’m looking forward to having a great season with all of you.



Tommy Yu

Hello MA Robotics, my name is Tommy Yu, and I am running as president. My main goal as President is to get everybody involved on the team. I mean EVERYBODY, including the middle schoolers. To accomplish this, I hope to establish both a build team, which would focus on the construction and design of the robot, and a separate PR/outreach team that would help raise awareness of the team and lead our outreach program. Regarding the build team, I would like to have subgroups focused on construction, electronics, programming, and design. The media team on the other hand, would focus on scouting at competitions, maintaining the website, building field elements (if necessary), and help develop game strategy. I feel if we can work together as a team and pick up more sponsors, there’s no limit to what we can do.

-Patrick Tam & Ryan Mostofi

May 15, 2014
Patrick Tam